Reports from Paris

At Anne’s old house on Rue Bayard. We had a nice, much need walk after a heaping portion of wine and Raclette ( melted cheese with potatoes) at the Chalet Suisse) where the Berrys and Reeds ate together 25 years ago. The proprietor gave us several free drinks. We had hoped to finish our night with a crepe from a street vendor, but sadly there were none in sight on the Champs Elysees, which we felt was a considerable lack of planning on the part of the French government, and made us reconsider our whole position on World War II.

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One Response to Reports from Paris

  1. RomeLover says:

    So happy to see you two setting such high standards for eating well, walking a lot, and schmoozing even more to get free drinks.

    Hope la piu’ bella citta’ del mondo treats us as well!!


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