Today, I faced my identity as a scofflaw and went to deal with a ticket. I had let my tags expire (always remembered I needed to take care of it in the car, but forgot the moment I got out of the car.) and didn’t pay over the phone enough in advance so I had to appear. I must say, I found the process completely fascinating. When my time came, I stood at the bar, presented my now up to date registration and the judge dismissed the case and I didn’t have to pay anything. So in this case, my slacking on paying the ticket actually paid off, and I was treated to a grand hour of American theater where many people ask to go to traffic school, or where the judge patiently explains that if you want to plead guilty, then there are no follow up statements of why you were going 50 in a 35. Just be guilty. Embrace it.

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One Response to 52/365

  1. Melissa says:

    Lucky you! The last time I slacked on a ticket, I ended up paying $300.00! You gotta love Columbus, Georgia!

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