30 August, 2011 06:45

1. Hello again. 2. I’ve had lots of things to say, but no will to write them. Perhaps we should blame the iPad and fruit ninja, though that’s not really it. Just felt the need for a hiatus. 3. It’s been a great summer. Laid back, a couple good trips: Florida to the beach with Paul’s family; Franklin Tennessee for a yearbook conference; (very illuminating. Apparently, you can have TEXT in a yearbook!); a junket to the Apple house with the chorus teacher for apple donuts and BBQ. There were also movies, sushi lunches with LZ, and watching of masterchef and hells kitchen with Paul. I also have been working out with AT and a trainer. He administers a fairly thorough beat down, and we are hoping to continue this madness once the school year begins. 4. On the downside, chris, melissa and Michael moved to Carlisle. I’ll miss our custard junkets and hanging out. It is not too far from here though, and a great drive with many sights and vegetable stands, so I hope to visit a fair bit. 5. There now, that wasn’t so hard, was it!

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One Response to 30 August, 2011 06:45

  1. Scott Stanfield says:

    So, what am I? Chopped liver?

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