I heart America’s Test Kitchen

1. I got the snappy cookie scoop recommended by ATK, and indeed, my cookies were satisfyingly uniform. 2. This is the first year in a while I’ve been anxious about the first day of school. 3. Follies is all done, and ready for the church trip to Shrine Mont which is nice. I didn’t like those days when I wasn’t done till the last minute. Neither did my friends who had to put up with my calls asking them to come hit me with their cars so I’d have a reason not to finish. Another member of the parish, let’s call him “captain awesome” has taken the role of producer and keeps all of us who write it in line so it gets done earlier. Hooray! 4. There was more Lego action yesterday. Michael and I went to toys-r-us. There was a sale. Hey man, I’m just trying to do my part for the economy. 5. So long, sweet summer. You were great!

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