Trick or treat!

5:55 Came racing home to see children already out. Stumbled out of my car yelling, “Wait, I’ve got candy! to the family with a small penguin, as they were returning to their house two doors from me. They waited politely for me to extract some candy from my shopping bag. Treater count 1.

6:00 Raced up the stairs, wondered why my apartment smelled so bad. Must be the pumpkin. Put pumpkin, shown above, out. Admired same.

6:15 Opened window to air out pumpkin stink. Heard family with small pirate comment on pumpkin. Poised at door with bowl. Little one struggles up stairs, candy given. First time treater. As he leaves neighbor children arrive home with dad, “Are you going to come up? I’ve got candy,” demandingly says I, the scary neighbor lady.

6:20 Brought tv downstairs so I will be able to watch Dancing with the Stars. Placed cats upstairs to prevent jailbreaks. Pondered take out menus, Chinese or pizza?

6:30 Large group of middle schoolers. Had to prompt a few trick or treats, but they all soon remembered the social contract: you say trick or treat, I give you candy. Hard to count large group. Let’s say seven.

6:35 Children from downstairs. Girl says, “we promised we would come up.” Yes, you did. Also: free candy. Boy was a policemen. Authoritative in his “TRICK OR TREAT” delivery.

6:40 Small guy from scream and small gangster in a pinstripe suit.

6:50 Still no decision on take out. Heat comes on because of open windows. Hope place is desmellified and close windows. (leave one cracked to be on the alert for treaters.)

7:00 Friends Mark and Donalee came by with their son. Mark and I used to teach together. They moved into neighborhood recently. Must invite for a longer visit soon. Count 2 treaters.

7:19. A long pause in the action. Courtyard has gone silent. Further ponder take out action.

7:36 Chinese food.

7:37 Still quiet. Come on older kids with “costumes”. Where are you? I’ve got ring pops!

7:45 Small lad in costume I can recall. Also even smaller fairy princess.

7:50. Middle school boy, clearly exhausted from carrying giant bag of candy. Costume appears to be an orange t-shirt, but his stock goes up because he is with fully costumed and made up purple witch who pops put from beside the door and says “boo!”. She is energetic and full of talk. Both have enough candy for a millennia, and have thought ahead and used double bagged reusable grocery sacks. Very strong.

8:00 Why is dancing with the stars delayed for some Halloween Shrek special?

8:10. Princess. Very polite. We had a brief moment if confusion, as o thought it was going to be the food delivery and opened the door with cash in my hand.

8:20. Chinese food guy. He got candy too.

8:40 I think that might be it for tonight. Dancing with the stars is finally on ( Go J.R.!) so I will stay at my post a little longer, since the tv is down here anyway.

Total treater count: 21! A good year!

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One Response to Trick or treat!

  1. Melissa says:

    I love you. You are awesome! Next year, we want to trick-or-treat with you!

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