Merry Christmas Eve

1. These are the stockings I made out of old sweaters. Mine is on the right, Paul’s on the left. Ali and AT and I took a class for the sweater stockings. I also made some sweater mittens for the gals in the 8th grade team. Should have taken a pic. 2. The last day of school before the break was superdeedooper. Singing, games, volleyball and no injuries (that we know of!) 3. Last night was Christmas eve once removed with Paul’s family. This morning is Christmas morning once removed with my family. I’ve been enjoying an attempt to be relaxed and not race around in a frenzy. For instance right now I am sitting at starbucks and having a sip of coffee while I type this, even though before I leave the house to go to mon and dad’s i need to stuff Paul and the cats stockings and put fringe on a scarf I am giving. This is a nice moment though, and hopefully worth the inevitable hand waving that will ensue once I really realize I’m not ready. 4. Why all the removed celebrations? I’m going to Spain today! With my buds Ali and AB! For free almost, because AB is the best collector of frequent flyer point ever!! Stay tuned for further reports. 5. If you are within the sound of my typing, I love you. Merry Christmas!

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One Response to Merry Christmas Eve

  1. holly says:

    eleanor, have a marvelous time! i was thinking of your sweater creations whilst shopping this season..i saw many scarves, etc and thought, eleanor was onto this a while ago. also i saw coffee cozies and thought the same thing.
    happy christmas! love to you

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