Atun means Tuna

If you are in a sweet shop trying to buy another “toledano” a sweet pastry with some sweet filling, don’t get distracted and pick an item with a similar shape with out checking the label. On the flip side, I just finished eating that mispurchased tuna empenadilla and it was quite tasty.

We’ve been having an excellent time today. Having recovered from our visit to madrid with a sound sleep, we headed out to explore Toledo again today. We went to visit the cathedral, which was stunning. There are so many carvings and paintings, the stained glass windows get lost int he shuffle. In one spot they made a hole in the wall to allow in more light for mass, and then proceeded to decorate it in a baroque explosion of angels and cherubs. We paid the extra three euros to climb the tower and were well rewarded with a gat view as well as a look at the bells.

After descent we went back to the Plaza Zocodover to catch the tourist train. It is as our tour book described it, a little cheesy, but gave us a circuit around the outside of the city to really get a feel for the place. The views were spectacular!

After a sandwich eaten in the plaza, another walk, this time down the hill to see the town gate. Then a taxi back to the hotel, where we all enjoy a little iPad time during siesta. We will head back onto town soon for dinner.





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