Lose weight
Watch all seasons of sex in the city(I saw a sort of cliffhanger episode on the airplane and now I need to know what happens.)
Write thank you notes.
Drink coffee out of a porcelain cup. (bought the item pictured below to facilitate this and save money by breaking Starbucks addiction)
Be happy (most of the time)
Refinance and do home repairs.
Maybe add to this list.


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5 Responses to Resolutions

  1. aberryvaAB says:

    BTW, I counted and I have 4 boxes of convent marzipan, 2 boxes of candy/cookies I can’t quite identify but that we got at the grocery (and look pretty good), 4 large candy bars and 3 bags of almonds. How much did you end up with?

    • Eleanor says:

      I’ve got: 4 boxes of convent marzipan, 2 marzipan “cheeses”, a box of toledanos, mystery snack from the grocery store, 2 chocolate bars and a box of small bottles of olive oils.

  2. I’ve got 1 package of York Peppermint Patties, 1/4 bushel of Honeybell oranges, 1 tin of peppermint bark cookies, 1/2 quart of Candy Cane custard, and 1 Georgetown Cupcake.

  3. aberryvaAB says:

    I didn’t even count the olive oil! I also have some weird random melon gum. Why’d I buy that??? I am now officially one box of marzipan down. The office loved it!

  4. HH says:

    I will watch Sex & the City with you!
    Although I have seen the whole thing 100 times.
    It’s GOOD!

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