Looking back at the Calendar

Taking a look back at 2011 by looking at the calendar:

January: H-B Black Box Concert fundraiser for yearbook. Michael’s school play, South Pacific at Kennedy Center, Melissa’s BD, Sunset Boulevard at Signature with Commander Dave, Big Snowstorm, Altar Guild Luncheon

February: Guys and Dolls at H-B, Richard and family in town for Kate’s surgery. Soo Cheng (student’s mom) Memorial Service, fondue party, Mommy’s birthday tea at the Willard, Point Break (with comedy commentary) at Cinema and Drafthouse with Chris, Oscar party, Chris’s BD

March: Wheatly’s Folliy at Signature, Ballet at Kennedy Center with Melissa, Dinner with Paul’s family

April: Career Center Party, Cherry Blossom, Tea, Bill’s Wedding, Marilyn’s Requiem, trip to MA, Spring Break

May: New Living Room Furniture, Baking Scones with Melissa for the Altar Guild Tea, Anne’s Derby Party, Side by Side by Sondheim at Signature, Art at Signature, Opera with Daddy, HB H20 for life 5K, Chaperone choir trip, Dinner with Paul’s Family, All Grades play at H-B (Benegridizir) Gambling trip to WVA for Ali’s BD, Lynn Thompson Requiem, Michael’s BD

June: HMS Pinafore, Dinner with Melissa’s brothers, HB Prom at the Kennedy Center, Miltary Tattoo at Ft. McNair. driving seniors to Shrinemont, Relay for Life, 8th grade Promotion, HB Graduation, Final cupcake run with Chris, Melissa and Michael., Bill Spahr Requiem

July: Day downtown with Michael, Anne and Clare, Children’s book project with Cheryl, Yearbook workshop in Nashville, Wicked at the Kennedy Center with Michael and AB, Final, Final cupcake run with Chris Melissa and Michael, they head to Carlisle PA, Kelly Requiem, Altar Guild brunch, Dinner with Mary Bluin, Pool with Paul’s family, Clare’s Shakespeare play, Farewell party for Pennie,

August: AB and I go to Virginia Beach to visit Katherine and Jim, Trip to Sanibel Island, Florida with Paul and family, Marcy and Zina Show at signature with Liz and Annette, back to school ice cream social with new TA, spending time at the teacher materials center doing spiral binding of new geography workbooks, Kristen and Grace come for a visit, Baltimore/Washington Football game with Ali, Day trip to Carlisle, AB’s Baconalia party, AB’s basement floods, Teachers go back to school

September: Mom and Dad’s 51st Anniversary party at Zitiniya, School starts, Al Saunders burial at Arlington Cemetery, ShrineMont, The Hollow at Signature Begin singing in the choir

October: HB 40th Anniversary party, John Thompson Requiem, AB Birthday Breakfast and Party, Richard, Kate and family move to area, Day Trip to Carlisle, Dinner with Paul’s family, Little Shop of Horrors at HB, Boy Detective Fails at Signature, Sweet Tea at Signature,

November: Trip to Oklahoma for Texas A&M game, Fall Formal at HB, Mike Hix’s Requiem, Help with Field Artillery party, take Michael to movie Felted sweater stocking workshop with Ali and AT, Community Chorus, Thanksgiving, Yarn Bombing,

December: HB Staff holiday party, Army navy game, HB holiday concerts, TA skating, greening of the church, margaritas with 8th grade team (not the kids) Paul’s family Christmas, family Christmas breakfast, trip to Toledo Spain with Anne and Ali.

Throughout the year: Coffee, workouts, Sushi, Altar Guild, choir, school meetings, dinners with Chris Melissa and Michael

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One Response to Looking back at the Calendar

  1. aberryvaAB says:

    You forgot Wicked at the Kennedy Center with Michael & AB in July!!! 🙂

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