Everything is breaking (also baking) my way!

There has been a change in the garden status. Just a few days after accepting the plot of the back 40 of grandads weed farm, I got a message from the other garden. ( I’ve been on the waiting list for both for 3 years.) it took me about 30 seconds after walking in to accept. Even though it is still a pile o’ weeds:

the garden community is amazing. They have tools you can use, tillers, wheelbarrows, rakes, etc. I’m right next to a water spigot, and when I began to pull out weeds, I found a hose!

My first harvest! I even have a tree and picnic table near my plot, and there are lots of cute birds tweeting all around, as opposed to the car traffic that was the feature sound at the other one. (I emailed while standing in the new garden a polite decline of the other.) I’ve been over to rake around for a few days, and now that I’ve completed some other obligations, like baking 228 scones for the church tea:

and making a presentation about Downton Abbey at that same tea, I will commit much of my free time to the garden. I’m going to seek out a woman at my church who also has a garden there, and is a master gardener, because frankly, after a couple hours of yanking out week, it looks pretty much the same:

and I need some advice on how to proceed!

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One Response to Everything is breaking (also baking) my way!

  1. crazytobeme says:

    Start by dropping a match?

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