Welcome to Reykjavik!

After 3 breakneck weeks of school and gardening, I am in Iceland. I’m really tired right now, so there will be napping, but just as trip highlights so far, someone spilled a glass on wine all over Anne’s butt on the plane, and someone else took my bag, mistaking it for his, but fortunately, as I was exiting the customs area with my lost bag paperwork, he brought it back! We followed Asgeir’s guidance and maxed out our duty free allowance, and we will contribute that to the wedding reception. Asgeir also described this place as looking like the moon, and he s not far wrong, although the moon doesn’t have pretty blue lupins all over. Mover all it’s very exciting to be here for Sean and Asegeir’s wedding, and to once again me traveling with AB and Ali!

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