Delicacies of Iceland

Last night there was a gathering where all the fine foods of Iceland were on display. We had smoked lamb on toast, shrimp on toast, salmon on toast and five kinds of chips: salt and pepper, sour cream and onion, cheese, paprika and bacon and the famous Icelandic hot dogs, that you top with remoulade sauce and crispy onion bits. There was also every kind of chocolate and licorice candy (combined) that you can imagine. Apparently licorice and chocolate is a favorite treat. In addition to all this, we got to meet more of Sean and Asegeir’s friends and family. Most fun of all was the entertainment. Then event was held in Asegeir’s aunt’s dance studio, and we had a demonstration of Bollywood dancing, and then got a lesson ourselves. It was so much fun! My favorite move was the “airplane” where everyone puts out their arms and zooms in different directions all around the room. Now we are breakfasting at the Hilton and will go out to see the main street in Reykjavik before the wedding this afternoon.

One final favorite at the night was the “mayonnaise loaf” which I had had at an Icelandic festival a few years ago. That one was frosted in Mayonnaise and decorated with sliced eggs. It was fairly tragic, but a great novelty. It reminded me of something a housewife would prepare for a 1960s bridge party! The one last night was quite tasty, because it was made with creme fraiche.


Entrance to the party required a bite of putrified shark and a shot of caraway schnapps. Here we are preparing to Iceland it all up!


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One Response to Delicacies of Iceland

  1. Lois says:

    I actually liked the sahrk… it was like a very smelly French cheese! I also liked the schnapps, mmmm!

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