Wedding Day! Hot Dog!

We spent the morning in downtown Reykjavik. The older area is more attractive, with lots of color and houses that have some roundness to them, as opposed to much of the area, which has, what I refer to as “soviet apartment block architecture,” and that Sean calls “German Brutalism.”. Everything looks like it is made of concrete which it is. The reason, our cabbie told us, is “we have no wood!”. Also, earthquakes. A highlight of this cement scene was the main church:

20120624-110313.jpg. It was very beautiful, with very little ornamentation on the inside, but a lovely pipe organ.

20120624-110603.jpg. We went up the tower and looked out on the town, where we would then spend some time wandering and fondling the Icelandic wool products.


Sean and Asegeir had given me a nice gift certificate for my birthday, so there was much purchasing of yarn from the Handknitters Association. They had a community project outside their shop.


We went down the main street, stopping of course for some sustaining coffee, and then later for lunch at a famous hotdog cart.

20120624-111126.jpg. Notice that Anne is using a hole in the jersey wall for a cup holder.


After cleaning up at the hotel, we went to the lovely old theater that was the location of the wedding. After a simple ceremony, that included a handshake as well as a kiss to seal the deal, we had 25 courses of tappas, and dancing until 1:00am (it was still light out, so it was pretty hard to know that we were out late!)

20120624-111844.jpg more later!

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One Response to Wedding Day! Hot Dog!

  1. khacki Berry says:

    Eeleanor dear,
    Thank you so much for these photos, it makes us feel as if we were there too- how sorry the senior Berrys are not to be there in person. all love to you adventurers and we hope for more soon!

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