The Open Road & Akureyri

The “highway” here is a two lane road with about 6 inches of shoulder (if you are lucky) on each side. I grip the wheel tight when big trucks come by, with fortunately is not too often. Yesterday we had a brief bit of fun when we happened on some construction work, and the road turned to gravel, which we had been working hard to avoid, for two kilometers. Downhill. After struggling with downshifting for a while, I finally put it into neutral and slowly coasted along. Only occasionally will there be guard rails, so when one is driving in the mountains, my attention is on the road, rather than the scenery. It is almost overwhelmingly beautiful, and there is plenty to see, so when it is not my turn to drive, I get lots of looking done. So far my favorite features are the waterfalls, both small and large that trickle or thunder from the cliffs. The water in the rivers is blue and clear enough to see the bottom.

Drove about 418KM yesterday. From Stykkishomer to Akureyri. We are pretty far north now. It is colder and the snow topped mountains are close. I like wearing a knitted hat in July. This is necessary here. We just found a shop that has stuff knitted by locals and I bought some mittens, which I think will be needed today! The lady behind the counter was knitting when we came in, and was very nice.

We wanted to see the church in Akureyri, but there is a funeral this morning, so it is closed to the public. There is apparently a ship hanging from the rafters, which I would have like to have seen.
We are currently having “second breakfast” in a coffee shop, and after a little more looking around will head to Lake Myvatn. There is lots of fancy nature to see there, and a natural bath, where we anticipate some good soaking time.

Here is an update from Anne:
I’ve just finished a fine meal of grilled lamb & roasted root vegetables followed by a delicious crepe w/ blueberry jam & creme. Yum! Also, it’s 10:30pm & we just ate. Of course, it still light out so who’s to blame for eating late?

We had another 12+ hour day shooting today w/ two hightlights-Ingolfur’s Bay & the giant glacier & icebergs at a place I can’t remember (at least right now), much less spell. Anyway, it was a great day. I learned a lot abt lava, nesting puffins, the birds like seagulls that divebomb you when you get close to their nests & that icebergs are the most beautiful shade of blue.

We’ve got 2 more days & the weather has cooperated so far. We’re off to see some shipwreck tomorrow & then head up into the Highlands. Think I got some decent pics but don’t know for sure since there’s no time to process & edit. I’ll look at them on the plane I guess. (Note to E&A-thx for suggestion to save fotos to file. Did that & should be able to access them when I get LR figured out).

No hotdogs since Sat & I’m kind of jonesing but I guess I’ll survive until I can get one on Fri in Rey-town.

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