Highlights from Anne, our southern Iceland correspondent!

Anne reports: Afternoon (& by that I mean 3-7pm) we went to the beach. And by beach, I mean we went off the gravel road then off that onto the beach. Good thing I just went to the dentist or I’d have to go after this trip to check for cracked teeth from the bumpy ride.

The beach is big, beautiful black sand but definitely inhospitable. We rode on the beach for a long time. Thank God Harkur knows where he’s going b/c there’s no way I could find anything/get back despite the big orange lighthouse, which is now several kms from where we’re going.

We saw a 9′ whale jaw bone on the beach, & a single rubber boot nearby. Not sure what it means but it was cool.

We then went to a bright orange safety shelter built pre-1940s. Inside (El, you would’ve loved this): a map, several pairs of boots, blankets, tins of food, water & a generator/radio. There was even a post w/ an arrow pointing in the direction of where there are homes. It tells ppl what direction to walk in, in a storm, to find humans. It was really cool.

We also went to see a trawler that was shipwrecked in 1912. It was also cool & had good light on it, despite the fact that a guy on our tour walked straight up & all around it leaving footprints everywhere before we shot it. Oh well.

Now time for dinner & packing before our last day or shooting & trip back to Reykjavik tomorrow. This has been a great adventure & I’m sorry to have it end but will be happy to have a little more time in Rey-town (& maybe a hotspring/massage after all that bouncing around).

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