On the Road: Northern Iceland

Wednesday we Left akeryi around 1030.
We Got as far north as we will at 65 degrees 48 minutes and 49 seconds latitude. I’m sorry not to get to 66 and 1/2 because I’d like to see the dashed line. (geography teacher joke.)
There was a great waterfall, Godafoss, where some king dumped all the pagan statues in the water when Iceland became Christian.
It was A fairly easy drive to Lake Myvatan. Lots of rippling earth, evidence of volcanic activity and a burnt out volcano that last erupted in 1984. We went to the nature baths which are bright blue and have silica and suffer in them. You get over the stink fairly quickly, and enjoy the heat. It is all coming up from the ground and gives you the impression of the earth not being very thick in that spot. After our bathe we thought we’d go on further, but after going over the hill we came upon the entrance to hell, and had to stop. It was covered with steam vents and boiling mud pots and that wasn’t just sulfer we were smelling but also brimstone! We spent enough time there that we decided to go back to the lake to camp. It was a pretty campsite, and we drove just a fees kilometers to the “Farm Cowshed Diner” to have dinner at a farmhouse resturant with a window looking right into the dairy.
This morning we made our coffee in the campsite cooking house and then moved on, stoping for more coffee and homemade apple cake at another campsite. Now after seeing a musueum, we are at the library in Eglisstadir, using the Internet, and will soon make some soup and sandwiches in our camper for lunch. Then it is on to the Hofn iceberg bay, which we may or may not get to yet today.






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