A report from our woman in Reykjavik

Anne reports: I have had an absolutely lovely day today! Fortunately I started my day w/ a big fat Hilton buffet breakfast, because the 1st thing I had to figure out was where I was going to be sleeping the next 2 nights. After a lot of back & forth, I’m staying at the Hilton tonight & moving to the Radisson Blu/Hotel 1919 tomorrow night. Guess being a Hilton Diamond doesn’t really get you that much. Oh well, it will certainly be an adventure!

After that it was out for a walk to find the 66 North outlet (we Americans do love our outlet shopping!), which was abt 20 minutes walk from the hotel. Wish I felt like I needed a $400 hooded puffy winter coat w/ a fur collar but even I couldn’t justify that expense, even “duty free.” I did get a fleece jacket & tshirt which should be more useful. I then went to buy a new suitcase because these things take up a lot of rm & I had no idea how I was going to get everything home. It will take some good packing skills to make sure it all gets home.

After some shopping and a snack it was time to hit one of Iceland’s famed outdoor swimming pools and I gotta tell you, it was awesome. One of the Top 3 swims I’ve ever had-and that includes swimming in the Atlanta Olympic Pool & our first workout as a “real team” at UK. It was absolutely lovely. The 50′ pool had water that was crystal clear & not chlorinated. It wasn’t crowded, they had a pace clock & when I turned to breathe I could see the beautiful blue Icelandic sky. I could’ve stayed all day. Double bonus was an awesome, tall corkscrew water slide that was partially open, partially in the dark & partially w/ groovy neon lights. Triple bonus was the multiple jacuzzi tubs of varying temperatures. Aahhh.

As I walked back to the hotel, I popped into the Icelandic Olympic Cttee ofc to see if I could buy one of their cool pins. They seemed slightly surprised that anyone would want one but they gave me 3 different ones. Awesome! I said some nice things abt how tough Team Handball is (Iceland is VERY good at this) & they were appreciative. Anyway, that was a real treat.

After that, a quick trip downtown for a few pics & just one more yummy hotdog before boarding the bus for Gullfoss on a quick “evening” tour. Tomorrow is a marathon tour of Snaefellsnes from 8am-10:30pm. Go hard or go home, baby!!!

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