The Daily Routine

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but it is cold here. Probably about 35 degrees at night. So the day starts with me not wanting to get out of bed, because the warm is where I am. Eventually I crawl out of my lower berth, and Ali out of the upper. There is a heating vent on the floor and sometimes we warm our clothes in front of it. We don’t shower because we end the orevious day with a “swim” (a soak in the heated pools really) and a shower at the local pool Then over to the WC and the cooking hut at the campsite. Today we had yogurt, bread with cream cheese and coffee. I’ve been eating a bread that was baked underground by the heat of the earth! We visited with a nice couple from north England. We’ve heard German, French and Russian, in addition to American, British and Irish English.
The campsites have amenities like bathrooms and cooking facilities and are very clean. In today’s kitchen, like in the pool, you are to take off your shoes before you come in. Very reasonable for a country covered in tiny lava rocks. We’ve found several in our camper, and they hurt when you find them with your bare feet.
After breakfast we pack up, unplug the electricity and head out. Today we head south, hoping to see the bay with icebergs. Even if we only see what is on the road it is a delight, as the country changes so quickly. We’ve seen arid landscapes, lava fields, waterfalls, rivers, forests of small trees, fjords, lakes and lush farmland. Also troll statues.








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