Friday Already?

Hard to imagine that we have been here for a week! I told Ali we would need to loop around the country again, because I didn’t take enough notes the first time around. There are so many amazing things to look at, and you see something and think, “I’ll never forget that,” but then you see 10 more amazing things!

Yesterday we left Djupivogur and drove to Hofn, where we stopped for lunch. The drive was along the ocean coast. After a little more driving we then rounded a corner and were excited to see Jokulsarlon, which is a bay filled with blue iceberg that have calved off of a glacier. There are then swept out to sea by the river, and some of them come to rest on a black sand beach, where they look like jewels sparkling against the black. It was incredible and we spent about 2 1/2 hours there. Much of the drive after than was through black sand delta, with rivers and streams winding across it. There were some long bridges, and most bridges are for one car at a time. These bridges had pull aside spots part way across, in case you meet another car.

Next was a stop at Skaftafell National Park, home to the Svartifoss waterfall. I had seen a picture of it on National Geographic last month and put it on the must see list. National Geographic didn’t mention that it was a 3.6 km hike (round trip) but it was worth it, even with all the uphill climbing.
We decided to drive on, to make today easier. The landscape changed from the black sand, back to green, with some more of the moss covered lava fields, or flat plains. It is truly amazing the variety of vegetation and landform, and I need to learn more about Iceland geology! We got to Vik around 11:20 (remember it is still light out so there is no issue of driving in the dark.) we must have been tired from the hike, because I didn’t wake up until 9:30, and Ali had only been up a little while longer. We are having coffee now, then plan to explore Vic, and then drive on to stay somewhere pretty close to Reykjavik, so we can pick Anne up early and go to the Blue Lagoon before heading to the airport. I can’t believe it is almost time to go home. I really could be happy going around again!









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2 Responses to Friday Already?

  1. Lois says:

    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing… I’d love to do a similar trip!

  2. Don't Know Diddley says:

    Great pictures!

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