Let’s Kick it Old School

1. Perhaps a return to the old method will get me back on the blogging train.

2. I’m tired a lot lately.

3. School was pretty good Friday.  I came up with an analogy for getting lost while taking notes:  If you get lost while singing you don’t ask the conductor to stop the song, you just jump back in at the next point you find.  That’s the second time recently I’ve found something new in old material.  It’s satisfying.  (The other one was right after watching the caribou chase in Planet Earth when the narrator says “Now the odds are even, either the caribou will make a mistake, or the wolf will give up after a mile,” and I said “That’s why we teach you all to run the mile.”  I got some good laughs, and it was even better when I found out that was what they were doing in P.E. that day.

4. I think I’ve come up with a good idea, maybe even great, for a homemade christmas gift.

5.  A football team with no fans gets a great game. Your daily cry if you need one.

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One Response to Let’s Kick it Old School

  1. L says:

    Thank you for getting back on the train!

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