Arriving at the Northern Research Center

Tuesday, November 15, 8:00PM CST

Arrived in Churchill to a cold and snowy day. All the locals say it is a beautiful day, but it is the amount of snow that would cause us at least a day, if not two, out of school.

Spotted an old video game in the airport called “Snow Bros” which looks like a polar Mario Bros. game.

Out guide Jim brought the bus around, and we headed out. Someone in our group saw a polar bear almost right away, and we all pulled out our cameras. It was a big sleepy mass of white/yellow fur, just napping on the rocks. During the rest of the day we saw some cute white arctic birds -ptarmigans, but no more bears.

Jim, our guide, who is a bear and arctic expert told us about the safety procedures we needed to follow, and the people at the Center said the same : “don’t go outside without a guide” (who has a gun.) it is a little scary, because polar bears are very fast, and find humans tasty. We will be careful, I promise.

After lunch and getting into our rooms, we went out for more exploring, then back to the center for dinner and a talk about the history of the area. Jim is a funny and interesting guy, and says he has spent his whole life “chasing the cold,” meaning research in the Arctic and Antarctica and other cold places. There was some good geography talk, which you know I loved.

Now I am in my top bunk (we are in rooms of four) and very tired after a long day of travel.

Things to look forward to on this trip: meeting a Metis elder, seeing the Churchill town center, where the school, hospital and shops are all in an indoor complex, and a dogsled ride!







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