In Flight

Tuesday, November 15, 9:00AM CST
Each plane on this trip has gotten smaller, and now the plane to Churchill is one of those kind that has propellers. The flight is almost full, about 50 people with most of us being “polar bear tourists.” There was a strict rule about how much your luggage could weigh. You can only have one bag and one carry on with a total weight of 70 pounds. Even with these rules there is enough luggage that they adjusted the amount of fuel they were carrying to get it all , and so now we have to make a stop halfway for gas! That is fine with me. We are flying above the clouds now, and I’d like to get down lower to see the landscape.
The in flight magazines are interesting “Up here: Life in Canada’s Far North,” “Northroots,” and “Up Here business: the Magazine of Canada’s Enterprising North.” Just a quick glance helps me to understand that the area is called “The North” and things like hunting, fur trapping, and where to get a good harness for your dog team are important topics. There are also many Native American faces and the “Metis” tribe has been mentioned multiple times. I’ll look forward to finding out more about that.

We have landed in Thompson, Manitoba to refuel. It is snowing and there is lots of snow on the ground.



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