Cold weather requires a lot of clothing. In the morning I put on silk long underwear, stretchy yoga pants (or “soft pants”) as I call them, a fleece top and go down to breakfast. After breakfast, I add a wool shirt or two under the fleece, and swap the soft pants for fleece pants. Sock liners and wool socks go on the feet. The first few days I didn’t add air activated for warmers until mid morning, but then i began to add them at the start of the day because wrestling a polar bear is probably somewhat easier that try to get your boots off and on while on a tiny little bus. Overtop of all of this goes snow pants and a parka and boots There is also a scarf, and, depending on the moment a knit cap, or a knit cap with earflaps and glove liners and mittens When we are going to be out in the wind for a little while, I add the balaclava (head and face mask)
Periodically we will stop and get off the bus. There is much shuffling of gear and finding of mittens, adjustment of jackets etc. Then we get off the bus. Some photograph, some look around. Cautions folk like me check the opposite way everyone else is looking so a bear won’t sneak up on us. Then we get back on the bus. There is much shuffling of gear and removal of mittens adjustment of jackets, etc. Then we settle. Then something else is spotted or another landmark reached, and the cycle begins again.
One traveler briefly lost her camera, but it turns out it had gotten into and inner layer and she found it when she took off her snow pants that night. I myself, when trying to warm my sandwich in between my snow pants and my fleece pants thought I was oh so clever, until I felt it sliding down my leg and had to remove it from the bottom of my pant leg.
So you see, there is lots of entertainment, even when there is no wildlife.

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One Response to Layers

  1. Christy says:

    I did not know that you had lost your sandwich! Too funny! Great description of all our clothing! Thank you for sharing.

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