Tundra Buggy Sunday!

We woke to a storm! Whiteout conditions, the wind blowing at 40km an hour and temperatures of 10 degrees. Thank goodness we got to spend our day on the Tundra Buggy! This is a giantic bus with huge wheels that can rumble across the tundra after the road ends. Even though it was very hard to see through the snow, we did get to see 7 bears, two of whom did a little friendly wrassling. Even though bears are solitary, they do sometimes meet up and hang out at this time of year. I wonder if they are related? We stayed out all day, covering about 12 miles and moving an average of 3 mph!

One of the things I like best about the place we are staying is the variety of people who are here. Tonight at dinner I visited with a very nice couple, originally from Mexico, now living in British Columbia. It was so interesting to hear about how they happened to end up in Canada (his schooling led them to Edmonton and that area is really growing so he got several job offers.) and about their travel adventures. So many people here have traveled all over the world, spending their money, not on buying things, but on buying experiences.

For our last class Jim introduced to the poetry of Robert Service and told us the tale of the Bear Mother, which is an origin story told on several continents.

The storm today was something! Freezing cold, blowing snow that stung when it hit your face. I went out on the back deck of the buggy a few times and the cold and wind took my breath away. There is a risk if this storm doesn’t clear that we will be delayed leaving. It is a very small airport with small planes and all the people who didn’t get out today will be in front of us in line tomorrow!





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