Wherein the Restaurant Owner Tries to Kill Us.

Yesterday after negotiating the lounge furniture, we set out for the Piazza del Populo where there was a church with an annual display of 100 Prescepi (nativities). They were made from many different materials my favorite being the one made of knitting needles and embroidery hoops and then the one made entirely of pasta.

We from there down the Courso, which is a long street, seemingly commandeered by pedestrians, though occasionally. Car will roll through. We looked inside several churches, had a few “stand up” coffees, and a gelato and crepe stop. Our ramble ended at the piazza Novono which had many booths with nativity scenes for sale, and we searched to find a match to Anne so she could replace her missing Virgin Mary, and buy some other supplemental pieces. The hallmark of the “prescepi , both here, and two years ago in Spain, is the many side players around the holy family. The whole town is involved and you can buy pieces to represent just about every person and profession.

After enjoy the sights and encouraging Anne to purchase the fishmonger and a small cat to add to her collection, we moved toward an early dinner. Ali knew of a place nearby. That place was under another name, and with the promise of a free glass of champagne, from the manager who was standing outside, we rolled in. The owner was very solicitous, and plied us with large glasses of wine, pressed us to have dessert and then a final gratis glass of limoncello. Stuffed to the gills, we barely escaped with our lives.

Another walk and then a taxi then home. We were determined to stay up til 9 to attempt to not give into jet lag, and I think I made it to about 9:01!

This morning we went to the beautiful Borghese museum, with racks and racks of great sculpture and paintings. Back to the hotel via a grocery store, always fun to look at, where web bought some rolls and meat and cheese for sandwiches which we ate on our little balcony. Now we are about to head out again for a stroll and to meet a friend of AB’s.

Total steps yesterday: over 14,000. Cappuccinos consumed by group: 8.

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