“But I wanted Two Flavors of Gelato!”

Continuing on with Friday: We walked through the gardens and over to the Spanish Steps, where we met Raffaella, a friend of the Berry family from their time living her. She was charming, and we strolled along, popping into a few shops and then to a coffee place for a nice visit. We spent a couple hours there, discussing many things, including the difference between “weird” and “crazy” which is pretty complicated when you begin to think about it. Another walk back to to the metro to say farewell to Raffaella. We then wandered on, stopping into a store occasionally and eventually to a very tiny restaurant where we had some pasta and the most delicious plate of spinach and chicory I have ever tasted. Every next event and sentence seems like it begins the same, “and then we walked some more….and went into more churches” We headed towards a taxi stand that we had used the previous night, that is near the cat sanctuary, and along the way looked for a gelato place, run by a man who was very involved in a phone conversation, which might have contributed to him not understanding that I wanted two Flavors of gelato, and so I just got one cup of chocolate with blood orange, while the other gals were able to successfully negotiate a flavor combo. Fortunately the chocolate blood orange was quite delicious, so it wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened to me. Steps for Friday, over 20,000. Cappuccinos: 9






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One Response to “But I wanted Two Flavors of Gelato!”

  1. chrissie says:

    i so very much WANT those lights to still be up when we get there. lovely.

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