Time for Adventures

1. Sitting in the Philadelphia airport waiting for my flight to Edinburgh, Scotland.
2. Feels weird to be traveling alone for the first time in a long time, but there is also a kind of blank quiet that feels good after the past few months.
3. I’m feeling tired after the end of school, and my Junetime offering was “Monuments and Memorials” which consisted of me and 12 youths pounding out about 3 miles a day, seeing the sites of our fair city. My heel spur has been kicking up an awful fuss ever since, so I am kind of hoping I’ve signed up for an old persons tour. If at the check in there are canes and a couple of wheelchairs among the assembled party, that would be sweet.
4. The tour I’ve signed up for is a steam train tour of the highlands. My itinerary is this: arrive Saturday, meet up with the tour groups Sunday. We move to a place called Blair Atholl on Monday, and from there go on day trips that will often involve some sort of steam train rides. There will also be a distillery. And highlands. Friday we return to Edinburgh, and then I will hop another few trains for a night at Hadrian’s Wall, and then two nights on Thirsk, home of James Herriot, who wrote the “All Creatures Great and Small” series about his life as a Yorkshire veterinarian. After that it is onto London and the loving embrace of family, when it will meet up with Chris, Melissa and Michael, and stay with them and see all the cool things they have discovered.
5. Mommy has asked me to look for a type of Scottish candy called a “butter tablet.” I can’t imagine what that is all about. Once I had an ice cream that was called “butter” and it was just not right.

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One Response to Time for Adventures

  1. aberryva says:

    “Butter Tablet” sounds better than “prune pie”

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