The Buses have Tartan Seats

Went to church this morning across the street from the hotel. Hymns I knew, and a very similar liturgy. When I said I was an American Episcopalian, the priest asked me to tell everyone that the Scottish Episcopal Church is alive and well.

After checking out of the fancy pants hotel, I used my superior navigating skillz to take the bus (with the tartan seats) to the wrong Ibis hotel which is where our tour will meet. The correct Ibis was just around the corner, so I bounced back quickly from this early defeat.

After checking in I did a little wandering and ended up in a quiet cafe called the Elephant and Bagel. The walls are covered with drawings of elephants, a few of them with bagels. This is not the same elephant room where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, but very charming all the same.

At the appropriate hour I went back to the Ibis to meet the tour manager. I went up to my room to drop off my bag, and imagine this scene in the movie of my life.(recall an earlier post where I complained about my foot and wished I might discover the tour I had signed up for was full of the halt, and or lame.) (I know I said I wouldn’t mention the foot anymore, but this is a good story). I am in the lift and the doors are shutting, as a CANE slips in to try and stop the door! I hold the button and a older man comes in, and on his luggage I spy a luggage tag with the name of the tour company! We then continue to hold the elevator for his wife….wait for it…who also has a cane! It’s all very promising. Later the tour manager gave us the handouts, and explained how we will move to the train tomorrow. We will meet after noon, so there is another leisurely morning.

I headed out next to catch the on and off tourbus, which I stayed on the whole time and gave me a nice overview of the city. There was a recorded narration, and in had a great seat on the to level in the open air and the weather was really perfect. Edinburgh is a really beautiful city. Tomorrow morning I will go around again and stop at a couple sights.

I had a great dinner at an Indian place right next door to the hotel, and am now back in my cozy room, watching the King’s Speech. Another fine day in Scotland!20140629-220113.jpg

St. John's Scottish Episcopal Church

St. John’s Scottish Episcopal Church



That's a rocky road brown, that is.

That’s a rocky road brown, that is.


Holyrood House - the Queen is in residence!

Holyrood House – the Queen is in residence!

Spare change for a hungry bagpiper?

Spare change for a hungry bagpiper?



Dessert at Indian Spice

Dessert at Indian Spice

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