Market Day

Monday morning I had a nice “lie in” as they say, and then packed up. I went out to see the market, which is held in Thirsk every Monday and Thursday. There were stalls right outside the hotel door, running the length of the square, and you could buy almost everything imaginable. Fruit, vegetables, books, baked goods, candy, hardware, housewares, clothing, even underpants. It is clear many people do most of their shopping there. I even saw the couple that had lunch next to me yesterday.

I had read those Herriot books so often growing up, that I knew the accent and phrasing in there Yorkshire dales was unique, but it was so cool to hear it. “Now then Bob.” “Now then, Dan,” said two men by way of greeting. “You’re looking gorgeous, today” “Aye well, I’m breathing.”

After nosing around the market (and purchasing a scone and almond tart for the train ride (“you’ve got your coffee there,” said there seller as I told her what I wanted) I went across the cobblestones to a cafe where I had a cappuccino and the most delicious bacon sandwich ever. Bacon here is really what we would call ham, but it was amazing, whatever you want to call it, and especially cool, because I had heard the racket of the owner frying it up minutes before. This is a really neat village, small and traditional, the kind of place where the butcher wears a tie.

I purchased a few items at shops around the square: some yarn from Yorkshire sheep, (it was from the sheep, not sold by the sheep, though that would have been awesome) some of the little knitted bike jerseys (in retrospect I should have bought ALL of them!) then it was back to the hotel for the bags, and to the taxis (thank goodness no mile plus walk this time.)

It was once again a beautiful day, and I enjoyed my wait at the train station, and then it was onto the train for an easy ride to London. Chris and Melissa met me at Waterloo station and now I am in their comfortable home on the “patch” (military base) in Middle Wallop, which is, as one would expect, between Over Wallop and Nether Wallop. Its there anything better than the town names in England?










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  1. Lucia says:

    You gotta love market days!

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