London with Michael and Bunco with the Army Wives

Thursday Michael and I went into London. He took me to the Camden area, which has several large markets. One of the markets was called the Stables Market and is a huge above and underground area that was home to many horses in London. It is just massive, and full of twists and turns, with sellers in what used to be the horse stalls. We had a good time looking around, and sampling from some of huge many food vendors, including one that makes ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Delish! We then went to brick Lane, which is a little quieter during the week. Great neighborhood, lots of indian and middle eastern restaurants and shops. Michael took me to a favorite record store and we did some browsing. A last stop for a salt beef bagel (with mustard and pickles!) and then we navigated to the tube, back to Waterloo and then home. Lots of fun!

In the list of cultural activities, the final one was Bunco with the army wives. Melissa had tried to pitch me on starting a game when she lived in Arlington, but I was not convinced. It seemed rule bound and scary. Well, it turns out it is rule bound and scary, but lots of fun! It’s a dice game, relies solely on luck, and there is table switching, hollering, bell ringing, wine drinking and money winning. And snacks. Lots of fun chit chat with the women who came. I liked it, and am tempted to try it myself when I get home. Melissa is satisfied that she has roped me in.


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