St. John’s Newfoundland is not the same place as St. John’s New Brunswick – Day Three

Note: I’m aboard the ship now and I have paid for a wifi code so I can post from the ship, but I don’t know how many posts 200MB will get me and it was too pricey to buy another, so I’ll post what I can, and when it runs out I’ll share the rest when I return to the wifi world. No pics for now.

Anne and I got up and about early to go on a puffin and whale watching trip.  We enjoyed our conversation with the driver sent to fetch us, and it was amusing when the base called him and told him to go back, that there was a group he forgot to pick up in St. John.  He dutifully turned around and headed back, but they called again 15 minutes later to say that the group was actually in St. John’s New Brunswick, which is a whole other island and quite far away.  Anne had nearly made this mistake when booking a hotel, so we appreciated this groups error in booking a boat trip on the wrong island.

The boat ride was fun.  Cold and windy, very noisy on the ears, I suspect sailors have hearing problems later in life.  We stopped for a while and watch the puffins and seagulls nesting on one island, and then went a little further out to sea and were lucky enough to see three humpback whales.  The water is very clear here and the white spots on the humpback appear as a little neon locater.

After the ride home, there was lunch at Pi a pizza place, and then some lolling about at coffee shops, a nice dinner then back to the hotel.  Anne repacked, since she is leaving early tomorrow.

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One Response to St. John’s Newfoundland is not the same place as St. John’s New Brunswick – Day Three

  1. Janet McKay says:

    St. John’s, New Brunswick isn’t just another island, it is another province! But, yes, I can see me making a mistake like this! I used to live in Newfoundland so my daughter sent me your info so I could follow your blog!

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