Monday and Tuesday: At Sea

Matthew James shows us the ice charts every day, and though the plan Monday was to get to Hebron by 2, we had to turn south to go out to sea and go around a large portion of ice, so Monday morning we had a 28 hour journey to get to where we were going.  It was also very foggy out Monday, so the ship had to go pretty slow.  Now it’s Tuesday morning and the fog has cleared a little, but will still have about 8-10 hours to go.  Once we get their we will have to pick up the pace of our activities, so there might be some very early outings and very late outings.  The sun rises at 4:45 and sets at 10-something, so at least that gives us some extra time.

In the meantime, there are lots of presentations.  I went to one yesterday about marine plastics (it’s a problem, there are five huge islands of plastic out at sea,) a presentation from the artist about his process, and a presentation on the former settlement of Hebron.  There was also independence day crafting (I made a flag, but my favorite was the Scottish woman who made a little Uncle Sam in a kilt and tam) and for tea time there was an America Flag cake and later the American contingent sang the national anthem.  The day ended with a trivia quiz sponsored by Canadian Geographic and the only reason I didn’t get everything wrong was because I was on a team with three Canadians.  Many people think I am going to bring the magic because I am a geography teacher, but I tell them the geography teacher doesn’t keep it all in the head, she is just the one who can look it up the fastest.

Now, Tuesday, I joined the stretching group in the morning, and now am half listening to the presentation of geographic technology (GPS, GIS, etc.) and I am mulling over the idea of a mid morning nap.  Really wish I had brought some knitting with me!

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