Thursday: Ramah Bay and Zodiac Cruise

Early wakeup, discussion of seeing bears with Evans the waiter.  Trip on shore to Rama, another old mission.  Waterfall, tent circles, sod houses, lots of small flat rocks. Consumme, conversation, more info about the Moravians.

After lunch: Wildlife sighting, Polar bear in the water, then one sleeping on the land.  Skill in spotting black rocks that look like bears now transitions to spotting white rocks that look like bears. In the afternoon there was a zodiac cruise.  We all went out together.  11 people to a Zodiac, all zodiacs out at once and we moved quietly and together through the beautiful scenery and then eased up on a mama polar bear and two cubs.  A fair distance away, but I was able to see them through binoculars.  Mama bear definitely noticed us, for sure smelled us and probably saw the odd shapes on the water.  She kept an eye on us, but wasn’t disturbed enough to move on.  It was such a neat experience to be out on the water, it was very quiet and the water is very blue and clean, and the air is so fresh.  Really amazing experience.

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