Sunday: A Big Glacier and a Tiny Village

We woke early for a zodiac cruise of a glacier.  We were out in the boats for about an hour, and got pretty close to the big glacier.  There had been a big calving earlier in the morning, but while we were out there there was only a little fall from each, but that was still pretty amazing.  It was so cool to be floating out there, almost total silence except for the creaking of the glacier.  We came back in and had breakfast then the other group when out.  For some extra excitement the videographer, Pavel, proposed to his girlfriend in the Zodiac they were in!

After the cruise there was the “Polar Dip” where people could jump into the icy water.  I mean ICY.  There were actual chunks of glacier in it.  I decided I just didn’t want to be that cold and watched instead.  It was fun to watch and the people who did it were given a patch.  That patch was tempting, but I decided to stick my hand in the water when we get above the arctic circle and call it a day.

Later there was a disembarkation information session, and afterwards lunch was served on the fantail of the ship.  We are all starting to realize the trip is almost over and are beginning our, goodbyes.  I’ve met some very nice and interesting people in addition to seeing amazing sites.

Our final stop for the day was Kangaamiut.  It is a tiny fishing village nestled in the rocks of Greenland.  The houses are brightly colored and when we came around the corner into the bay, it was like a sweet surprise.  We walked around the town, which was very hilly, since all of Greenland is pretty much mountains.  There was a seal skinning demonstration, which was surprisingly not gross, and I was able to taste seal liver, which has the texture of a scallop and tastes like, well, liver.  Kind of like beef liver, but more seafoody.

After that there was a concert at church from the local choir.  They sang four songs, two of which were written by the choirmaster.  It was absolutely amazing.  Beautiful tunes, sort of hymn like and classical, and the choir had wonderful four part harmonies.  The church was beautiful, with a window in the shape of a cross on the back wall and the colorful town could be seen through the window.  I was really emotional in that town.  Maybe it was the beauty, the simplicity of this colorful village on what seems like the edge of the world or maybe I’m just ready to go home but it was a very warm and gentle moment in that church listening to the beautiful choir.

Back on the ship there was a flurry of packing, and then the final recap where they Adventure Canada staff was recognized and talked about what they enjoyed about the trip.  Then at the Captain’s farewell reception the Captain brought out the sailors who have been helping us on and off the Zodiacs for the last two weeks.  It was nice to get to applaud them, and then at dinner Eckhart, who is the Hotel Manager, likewise had all the hotel staff, waiters, kitchen staff and stewards, come out for a round of applause.  Everyone has been so nice on this ship it was really great to get to be able to thank them.

Dinner was extra special also, because Ali and I had been invited to eat at the Captain’s table, but since the Captain was navigating the fjord, we got Eckhart instead.  I love Eckhart.  He has a cute German accent and he is fascinating with his stories of a life at sea.  It was great.

Tomorrow we leave the ship and go for a stroll on the Greenland icecap and then fly to Toronto.  As I write this it is 10:45, the sun is still shining and we are cruising through a beautiful fjord.  It’s a good life.

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