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London with Michael and Bunco with the Army Wives

Thursday Michael and I went into London. He took me to the Camden area, which has several large markets. One of the markets was called the Stables Market and is a huge above and underground area that was home to … Continue reading

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I feel cheerful.  I like that. I got an interesting scrapbooking kit from Melissa.  I like the looks of it.  There are nice cards to jot stuff down every day, and places to add pictures to go with. There was … Continue reading

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I love my kitties.  Kevin is sleeping on the ottoman with his big paws dangling and his tummy available for a rub.  Violet has found a new favorite spot; on the corner and arm of my big chair, and I … Continue reading

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Chris and I went to see Arlo Guthrie on Friday, and then Michael and I went to Sweeny Todd at Signature Theater today.  Both nice shows.  Arlo Guthrie had a much lower body count than Sweeny Todd. I’m feeling a … Continue reading

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I will never not enjoy watching my car go through the car wash. If I could get my classroom clean, I’d think about going for national teacher certification. I had a rising junior ask if he could take ancient civ … Continue reading

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Trying to think of some resolution that is bold, but that i could actually keep.  Could I knit every day?  Drink water?  Exercise?  Write letters?  Blog everyday?  I’d like to have these disciplines, but doing is my downfall. Gone to … Continue reading

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First day is easy. Second is where things get tougher. But first day is tiring, and I was about out of my mind mad when we got to our group training, and they wanted us to do the scary workout … Continue reading

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