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Chopsticks, Presenting and Seven Courses

My jet lag has not been horrible, but I have been waking up pretty early. I spent some time from 3-5am worrying a little more about my presentation. Finally got up, dressed and went to breakfast. The thing about using … Continue reading

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I love my kitties.  Kevin is sleeping on the ottoman with his big paws dangling and his tummy available for a rub.  Violet has found a new favorite spot; on the corner and arm of my big chair, and I … Continue reading

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Spring Break! Very exciting day today.  I went to the doctor for the first time in years.  I really like my new doctor, and I like that all the services are under one roof.  I go back tomorrow and Wednesday … Continue reading

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For a change it is Kevin the cat sitting on my lap as I type.  He is a touch (ooff) larger (umph) than violet, so it is cozy, but a little harder to work around.  He doesn’t lie on my wrists, … Continue reading

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A bit of snow today.  Somehow I was out of the house at 8:45 and various chores kept me out until 2:00, then a qucik turn to go back out from 230-430.  Maybe next winter I’ll stay inside all day … Continue reading

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A little heel pain with the new shoes.  Hoping this is just transitional; my feel rebelling against being correctly oriented. Waiting at school for the play to start.  Friends of mine who are related to a cast member are coming … Continue reading

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Ahh sweet injustice. Sometimes at the starbucks, while I am readying my drink, someone will, unwittingly I am sure, nab my breakfast sandwich which means I am handed theirs. Today this error meant I got the sausage and egg, which … Continue reading

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