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More from the wedding

The menu The gentlemen in question The “cake” – marzipan filled with chocolates Asgeir and his brother Ingo spinning the tunes for the dance Advertisements

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Wedding Day! Hot Dog!

We spent the morning in downtown Reykjavik. The older area is more attractive, with lots of color and houses that have some roundness to them, as opposed to much of the area, which has, what I refer to as “soviet … Continue reading

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The New Soviet Man.  I don’t know why Chris and his infantry buddies do this pose, but they do.  I have lots of pictures it from the 90s.  Tonight we had a get together at Chris and Melissa’s of the … Continue reading

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I had a great dinner with my good friend AT tonight.  Here is a pic from another meal with friends: Lunch in the teacher lunchroom, starring my lunch bag, with Physics teacher MD in the background.  He is also a … Continue reading

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I feel cheerful.  I like that. I got an interesting scrapbooking kit from Melissa.  I like the looks of it.  There are nice cards to jot stuff down every day, and places to add pictures to go with. There was … Continue reading

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No, did not fall off planet.  Just busy, busy, busy, and forgot about my obligation to the word. Silent Auction is this weekend.  Looking good I think.  The range of fear vacillates between : will we have enough items, we … Continue reading

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Ahh sweet injustice. Sometimes at the starbucks, while I am readying my drink, someone will, unwittingly I am sure, nab my breakfast sandwich which means I am handed theirs. Today this error meant I got the sausage and egg, which … Continue reading

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