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Welcome to Reykjavik!

After 3 breakneck weeks of school and gardening, I am in Iceland. I’m really tired right now, so there will be napping, but just as trip highlights so far, someone spilled a glass on wine all over Anne’s butt on … Continue reading

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1. Workout then Elevation burger is better than no workout then Elevation burger. 2. I did like the workout today, and felt better after doing it. Damn it. I hate it when that happens. 3. I’m getting a cold. Argh. … Continue reading

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1. It is so lovely outside, my longing for a porch or patio or balcony is almost out of control! 2. Why do I have so many towels? 3. I keep waking up at three in the morning. I feel … Continue reading

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Nice to be back at school, but I always forget how tiring it is.  Also have not been sleeping well.  I keep waking up around four.  That needs to stop!  The uber clean room has certainly helped me move on … Continue reading

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Took a half day off to have a little quiet and go to a funeral. Did some bank transfers and paid some bills. Talked with the LZ about this New Orleans trip and the money involved.  She is of the … Continue reading

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OK.  High goals for the 10:30 bedtime tonight. Had a very strange dream last night.  Survived a mudslide and flooding at the Laura Ingalls Wilder historical site.  The mudslide was pretty spectacular.  I saw it start and then the whole … Continue reading

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Went to the skating rink with some of the kids today.  Fun. Cold but clear. Melissa came to take some pictures. Then back to school to do tickets for the show.  I’m getting the computer system down now.  We are not … Continue reading

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