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Well, tomorrow will be an exciting day.  Back to school after nearly two weeks.  Since February 2 we have been in school only two days! I am up way to late, because I want to watch the pairs skating final … Continue reading

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I took a nap today.  It was awesome. So this is the big snow.  SNOWPOCALYPSE! SNOWMAGGEDON!  AHHHHH!  So far, snuggled in here and happy.  Made a nice dinner, Paul and I took a walk, watched a movie.  There was a … Continue reading

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A great day at the ballpark today.  I won seats in a raffle.  Padded seats in the 200 section, in the shade, and free chili from Rich!  Right on the presidents race finish line.  And the Nats won!  Hooray! Trying … Continue reading

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I’m on some sort of food bender. Insanity.  I want to stop.  Will I? I was bugged by all the press, but now I must say, I’m all aboard the Michael Phelps train.  Go brother.  Swim that pool. Oh, and … Continue reading

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I wish my tv had the closed captioning. Another block of time at school this am.  Yesterday I came home from this very blue about the task and life in general.  Today, again, I was very drained.  I thought I was done … Continue reading

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I’ve been unhappy of late, confused about my place in this world. So yesterday, feeling all broken and complicated, I had planned a very hands off lesson, so I could just quietly sit and poke my pain with a pencil.  As I … Continue reading

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The outing to the cherry blossoms was fun, albeit DARK and COLD, because we were there so very early.  At past the last minute I took up AB’s invite to the Leukemia Ball.  Even though I was have a mental … Continue reading

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