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And then I Became a Rambler

When I was visiting with some of the group in Edinburgh, many of them said that they were, or had been in their younger days, Ramblers. This means they go walking for fun over the delightful hills and streams of … Continue reading

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Time to Relax

Melissa and I are enjoying a trip to the Biltmore in Arizona. We are celebrating her and Chris’s 20 anniversary. Matters of national security have him on a year long field trip to Afghanistan. So far we have had a … Continue reading

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4:55 and I am ready to go.  Let’s just set the scene shall we, as there may be those in the studio audience who are wondering  why I am jaunting off to Jamaica two weeks before Spring Break. Our dear … Continue reading

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OK. Now I am rested and coherent. Nice trip on the train from DC to Boston.  A brief fracas as the Bostonians have no sense of honor when it comes to hailing cabs.  Say what you want about Washingtonians (and … Continue reading

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Train trip from Dc to Rockport MA. Settled at our friend’s house in Rockport.  Very cute little town. Fun dinner. Good! Might be getting a cold. Bad. Exploring tomorrow.  All well.  Very short entry due to extreme tiredness.

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Completely tired.  Finished the script.  Video still to go.  Will prepare remaining pictures and then to bed.  Big push tomorrow. Because Jim is able to give me a ride to airport, I may be able to get an earlier flight.  … Continue reading

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Up early (same time as always, but it is still early) to finish packing for my quick trip to Ft. Benning. I am to meet Jim at the Airport, where he will have arrived before me, and have gotten a … Continue reading

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