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I love my kitties.  Kevin is sleeping on the ottoman with his big paws dangling and his tummy available for a rub.  Violet has found a new favorite spot; on the corner and arm of my big chair, and I … Continue reading

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ITTY BITTY KITTY BETTY!  Once again I have taken leave of my senses, made a large donation to the Tacoma Washington Humane society and won the opportunity to name one of the Itty Bitty Kitties!  Thanks to Jeff McQ for the inspiration, … Continue reading

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For a change it is Kevin the cat sitting on my lap as I type.  He is a touch (ooff) larger (umph) than violet, so it is cozy, but a little harder to work around.  He doesn’t lie on my wrists, … Continue reading

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Alice and Wonderland is on tomorrow night at school.  That  is a story I glanced at as a young’n but never really finished.  I wonder what sort of insights our dear middle schoolers will bring me? This afternoon I went … Continue reading

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Trying to think of some resolution that is bold, but that i could actually keep.  Could I knit every day?  Drink water?  Exercise?  Write letters?  Blog everyday?  I’d like to have these disciplines, but doing is my downfall. Gone to … Continue reading

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Our staff objected to having to nominate a teacher of the year, and wrote the superintendent and told him so.  Today he comes to meet with a small group of us and talk about it.  Since I composed the letter, … Continue reading

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Very happy today to wake up and realize it was Saturday. Today is November 21 and a very special day for all the world, but especially those with Cute Overload Page a day calendars.  Violet and Kevin are today!!!! There … Continue reading

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