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You got to VOTE VOTE VOTE like a baby stoat!! I voted!  Got there at about 5:30 and was about 50th in line.  The doors opened at 6 and I was out by 6:20.  I did a paper ballot too!  … Continue reading

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So Donor’s Choose is a neat organization for teachers to list projects for which they need funding and the public can help them out.  I don’t need anything for my class, but there are many teachers who are not as … Continue reading

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Kevin is better, but seems depressed about the whole cone thing.  Can’t say as I blame him.  The good news is that he does not have feline lukemia or feline aids, so that is a great relief!  He is in … Continue reading

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I wore a sweater and hard shoes today.  It must be fall.  I might volunteer for the Obama Campaign this weekend.  Out of my comfort zone, but I’d like to get involved, especially with something like registering voters. The first … Continue reading

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Back to school night was great.  10 minutes telling about all the best things, good times.  Even I want to take the class after that. The car was sluggish on the start today, so I took it to the shop.  … Continue reading

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The end of the week, and I am tired, and not prepared for Tuesday!  Can’t sleep.  Just like every year. This sociology class is definately a stumbling block.  I am scrambling, or maybe I am not scrambling enough.  I’m not … Continue reading

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Yesterday I linked an article written by someone from school, and that site put the name of my blog and a quote in the comments section.  I think it must be some sort of automatic function.  It did not put a … Continue reading

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