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I’ve been looking at cars, because the old Saturn seems to be struggling.  Boy are they expensive.  And I have to agree with one blogger I read, who wondered, why if 20 years ago they were making cars with high … Continue reading

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SOL Testing this week.  Horrible.  Crazy schedule.  Everyone acts like there is not going to be any more teaching after this.  I’ve got news for you.  If I have to come to school?  We are going to do something. Getting … Continue reading

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The question at a party last night was, “If you could take time to learn anything, what would you do?   My choices, Embroidery and change ringing.  Best answers were from AC – Opera singing, Steeplechase riding and Downhill Skier!  But this … Continue reading

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Ali’s BD was yesterday and there was a small gathering at Los Tios.  Very fun. Asgier looked the best in the Birthday Sombrero Hat. I am completely exhausted and cannot imagine how I am going to teach 3 more classes … Continue reading

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It was really fun seeing Chris “do his thing” at Ft. Benning.  He gave a speech to the parents of the graduating soldiers that was really well done.  He talked about history, about the training and really made the people … Continue reading

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Had a good visit to Ft. Benning.  Great to see Chris do his thing.  More on that later. I feel tired and blue. Today was a weird day.  Waves of stuff I felt I knew nothing about coming at me … Continue reading

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T-10 minutes to leave for the airport. Report of the scary workout challenge:  12 weeks ago it took me 43 minutes and 56 seconds to complete 400 jump ropes, 100 each sit-ups, push-ups, seated rows, and squats.  This time…34:29!  Woo!  … Continue reading

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