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Just home from the musical at school.  They did Urinetown, and it was a weird story, but an interesting one and the production very well done.  I found myself feeling awful that I had given homework to the kids in it.  … Continue reading

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Finished the grading.  Never ceases to amaze me how a kid who turns in very little, even having to be prompted to “bring something, anything, that you have written for the paper grade, no matter how little,” then asks can’t … Continue reading

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Excitement today was a power outage while everyone was doing their grades at school.  Fortunately the grade program automatically saves, so I only lost a few things, and I had it written down anyway.  But the break in the power … Continue reading

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The church dinner last night was excellent.  Old Merrow Hall was really gussied up and there was a good crowd.  Then entertainment went very well, I thought, though the climax line from the voice from above was not on the … Continue reading

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What a great morning class! I did the Tai Chi lesson as a close out to the China unit, and the class of crazy chatty boys went along with it, some even liking it very much!  Hooray! Is miracle!  I … Continue reading

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I have so many things happening right now it is hard to keep them straight.  I think I am going to sit down and write an email and other things pop into my head and push the thoughts away.  I … Continue reading

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All the delicately balanced piles of papers in my life are about to come tumbling down.  They lurk just behind me at all times, letters, notices, emails, papers to grade, transparencies to file.  It is reaching crisis proportion.  All sorts … Continue reading

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