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Very long, but good weekend, busy with altar guild. Also watched the whole of a football game.  Washington, not Sooners.  Someone told me today that they (sooners) lost to Texas.  How is this possible? Still sick Tuesday and my frail … Continue reading

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Home today.  Very little voice. I will probably go tomorrow, because we have a field trip, and I don’t want to leave the Other teacher hanging.  I’ll load up on medicine, and won’t say much.  I’m sure that will be … Continue reading

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Well, I am sick, and losing my voice. Today I was leaving the house, and I walked out of the door and finally realized that I hadn’t put on my glasses when I noticed the trees were exceptionally blurry. I … Continue reading

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Went to some festivities this weekend, a Bean Suppah (Maine State Society), an open house, and a lobster jam.  All very awesome.  I feel very grateful to have such fun friends. AB came to the Bean Suppah, and we had … Continue reading

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So Donor’s Choose is a neat organization for teachers to list projects for which they need funding and the public can help them out.  I don’t need anything for my class, but there are many teachers who are not as … Continue reading

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I’m at AB’s house watching the debate.  She’s got some sweet wireless internet happening. Stop talking about Joe the Plumber! Days are busy but good.  Schools pace is very fast.  I think being more organized I actually notice how busy  … Continue reading

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AB and Ali and I went and had a little spa afternoon, as a treat.  I got a massage, and it felt good, but I am pretty sure at one point he beat me with a cat o nine tails … Continue reading

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