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I should like to go to be by 10:30. I think I’d like to go for a walk in the English countryside. I bought a new area rug today.   It is hexagonal, with flowers and I hope it will bring … Continue reading

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Ahh sweet injustice. Sometimes at the starbucks, while I am readying my drink, someone will, unwittingly I am sure, nab my breakfast sandwich which means I am handed theirs. Today this error meant I got the sausage and egg, which … Continue reading

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Back to school and things were pretty good.  I’ve got a long to do list of course, and have become distracted by the ticketing, but I feel ok overall.  One day and not miserable, hooray for me! Speaking of teaching … Continue reading

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It feels like we have been back in school for about 6 months, but Back to school night is just tomorrow.  I’m really wiped out tired, but I am having fun teaching.  Sociology is still a sticking point, but Ancient … Continue reading

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I have single handedly destroyed the church.  The “High Dusting” has brought down 30 years of black crap that is currently all over the floor!  Ahhhh!  It better look amazing when this is done, or at least like it used … Continue reading

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Here we are once again on a holiday Monday, and it seems I have just brought my school books for a ride home and not gotten any work done.  I felt a little better when I ran into another teacher … Continue reading

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I am about to head over to my parents where we are having a party tonight with the Berry’s to celebrate 30 years of knowing one another. I am very glad of this, but reflective about the idea of friendship, … Continue reading

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