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Crafty Ladies

Friday was a “quiet day” in comparison to the rest, and in between delicious breakfast out and delicious dinner out, Melissa had arranged for us to go to a craft class with some local ladies at a paper store. We … Continue reading

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A Tree Grows in Arlington

The yarn bombing at my school. 13 people contributed pieces and another staffer and I stitched them together and put the sweater on the tree. We were motivated not only by a love of yarn, but also because on the … Continue reading

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Very happy today to wake up and realize it was Saturday. Today is November 21 and a very special day for all the world, but especially those with Cute Overload Page a day calendars.  Violet and Kevin are today!!!! There … Continue reading

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Watching Survivor.  I think if you have to pick a leader, it isn’t going to work out. Disappointment today that the numbers didn’t come up for me to get a second section of Ancient Civ, and thereby drop Sociology.  Just … Continue reading

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Why can’t I find any of my pants?  And why does dressed up mean the same grey pants and a black sweater? My sweet digital TV gets channel 4.3.  Do you know what 4.3 has been showing this afternoon?  LIVE … Continue reading

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I wasn’t sure which I was more excited about when the UPS man came, my TomTom GPS or the Stitch and Bitch “Happy Hooker” book about learning to crochet. Paul has the car, so I started with the crochet, but … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the crazy workout circuit. They keep upping the ante.  100 pushup situp and squats, 25 laps and now 200 jump ropes (it used to be only ropes, then only laps, now we’ve got it all.)  I’m slow like a … Continue reading

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