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bored overcaffinated bad combo do not understand the nature of love would like slice of cake.  do not have any. Advertisements

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I went early to water the garden, the thunderstorm not really having done what was needed, and a little girl and her mother were sitting in the gazebo.  The little girl came up and made conversation and helped me water … Continue reading

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Today an early meeting with someone doing a security check on a friend. (I’m an excellent character witness…”Convicted?  No never convicted.”) Then a visit with Michael and Mommy and a the formation of a plan to go to a movie.  … Continue reading

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AB and I hosted a tea party for our goddaughter yesterday.  This was quite successful, with little sandwiches, and playing with my dollhouse.  Violet the kitten stayed in her usual spot under the bed, only visiting from under the bedskirt, … Continue reading

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Registered for my high school reunion today and found out that a college friend is in town, all through the magic of facebook.  I find Facebook hard to keep up with, but occasionally it wields some treasures. Cleaning my room … Continue reading

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OK, so they can be a LITTLE cute.  Sometimes. This will only be up a little while, but I thought you might like to see my darling punks.

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AG Schedule – Done 8th grade vid – Done Grades – Not Done I am…done.  Good night (or good morning as the case may be.)

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