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Let’s Kick it Old School

1. Perhaps a return to the old method will get me back on the blogging train. 2. I’m tired a lot lately. 3. School was pretty good Friday.  I came up with an analogy for getting lost while taking notes: … Continue reading

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Sometimes girlfriend has the skills.  After our usual morning roundup in study skills class, where there was no answer to “anything else coming up?”  the kids began to work on various things.   Suddenly one guy said, “I need to study for … Continue reading

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 Today was one of those crazy days, where at some points I feel like a great teacher, or at least passable, and then at other points, I think I ought to be doing something else entirely. The end of the … Continue reading

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1. I have tried to notice trees more, ever since I heard of the ” Notable Trees of Arlington. They really are magnificent things, all of them, not just the notables, and I like to make a conscious effort to … Continue reading

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1. How can I have worked so much this summer and have no confidence about starting school tomorrow? Maybe I am all hat, no cattle. Maybe I am too spread into activities outside the class. Maybe I am just a … Continue reading

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Nice to be back at school, but I always forget how tiring it is.  Also have not been sleeping well.  I keep waking up around four.  That needs to stop!  The uber clean room has certainly helped me move on … Continue reading

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I am undertaking a reupholstery task, which is a little daunting, and now I am wondering, even though I am capable of doing the task, why I am doing it?  What am I looking for in terms of style?  I have … Continue reading

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