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Violet really loves water.  She hops in the tube after I shower.  She runs to the bathroom whenever anyone goes in.  She always gets into the sink and tries to catch water drops.  As a kitten she fell into the toilet.  Twice.  So … Continue reading

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The simple supper done by the “yutes” on Monday went very well.  I love church kids, because they generally do what I ask, and come running back for more.  Awesome! Paul and I babysat for his nephew and niece last … Continue reading

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My first class is fairly difficult and makes me unhappy.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when you have a group or kid that makes you want to not get out of bed in the morning, it can be very … Continue reading

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Yes there was a snow day and yes it was fabulous.  There was no snow, only a little ice, but who are we to toy with the safety of our dear children!  It had to be done!  I had coffee … Continue reading

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Come on Snow, do your thing! I think this site has the best name ever. Good weigh in today, but I immediately followed up with too much food.  Always a risk on Thursdays when the old week of points is over … Continue reading

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I’m making A CD for AB, for a friend of hers, and mine really, who is pretty ill.  She and her parents wrote out a list of songs and I downloading them on itunes and making a CD.  Here is the … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time since I felt like doing absolutely nothing (or didn’t feel like doing anything) in the evening.  Don’t feel like knitting, writing, and definitely not cleaning or doing laundry.  So here I go.  Nothing. Commence.

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